Car Accidents

Specializing in Auto / Car Accidents and Personal Injury case management.

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On your behalf, we will do everything we can to coordinate our chiropractic care with the treatments you receive from other health care providers. We understand and value the contributions of traditional medical care and related specialists, including osteopaths, surgeons, neurologists, pediatricians and others, and we are convinced that close communication and collaboration with them is critically important.

If you’ve been injured and are pursuing legal recourse, we will work closely with your attorneys to help ensure the best legal outcome. We understand the challenges and uphill battles faced by personal injury attorneys. We will do our part to provide them the information and documentation they need in order to most effectively represent your case.

We’ll provide the professionals on your health care and/or legal team with:

  • Thorough and appropriate diagnostics that add insight into the best possible course of health care treatment, including Digital X-rays, thermal scans and Surface Electromyographies (SEMGs).
  • Clear and complete documentation of your diagnosis and care.
  • Reviews of medical findings and tests from other sources.
  • Appropriate referrals to specialists.
  • Appropriate referrals for second opinions.
  • Appropriate referrals for additional diagnostic tests.
  • Prompt updates on your diagnosis and chiropractic plan.
  • Fast turnaround on records copy requests.

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