Digital X-Rays

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We use digital X-Rays, MRI’s and other imaging, as tools to help determine which chiropractic techniques will be best to treat your condition.

On-Site Digital X-rays.

Dr Boyd recently added the Newest in Digital Radiography to his practice. This is a form of x-ray imaging where digital X-ray sensors and computers are used instead of traditional photographic film. A digital image capture device or screen is used to record the X-ray image which is then read by a Laser Reader. This technology stores the images as a digital file that can be viewed on a large computer screen almost immediately which can then be saved as part of the patient’s healthcare record.

The x-rays are processed and stored with the use of a special X-Ray Imaging Computer Program. Advantages include saving time through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance the images. Also, less x-ray may be need by reducing retakes and this technology produces an image of better or similar contrast to that of conventional radiography.

The advantages of DR over film include immediate image preview and availability, a wider dynamic contrast range which makes it more forgiving for over and under-exposure as well as the ability to apply special computer aided processing techniques that enhance the overall display of the image.

Also with this technology Dr Boyd can view the images very easily on future office visits right in the treatment room. Rather than having to pull the patients record and put them up on an old style X-ray View Box.

At Boyd Chiropractic Center we feel it is very important to have this State of Art Digital X-Ray Equipment to help us determine the underlying cause of your pain and condition. X-rays can be an important part of your Chiropractic examination, because they help us see and diagnose problems we can’t see on the surface. X-rays also can help us establish the health of joints and discs; estimate how long it may take to treat a condition and determine which chiropractic techniques will likely be most effective. We use x-rays as a blueprint of you to determine your individualized treatment. Within minutes we can review and determine the approach that will ensure the best results for your recovery.

If we see something that is questionable on your x-rays we can send your films out over the internet for a second opinion by a Radiologist, saving valuable time rather than mailing as was done in the past.

Digital X-rays are just one of many ways that Dr Boyd stays up to date with the newest technology. That along with his over 33 years of Clinical expertise seeing Ten’s of thousands of patients is just one more reason to choose Boyd Chiropractic for yourself and your family’s chiropractic health and wellness care.

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